Now more than ever, archival footage is an incredible way to tell our story through the eyes of our ancestors. 



Pelican is a footage collection carefully put together from both amateur's and semi-professional's images. The project aims at making unique and exceptional archival footage accessible to cultural and audiovisual producers.
Images in our catalog are available for sale and are protected by contracts. Contact us with your footage needs and we’ll get back to you with a tailored selection.



Our team at our digitizing studio La Suite Numérique in Lyon has been working for over a decade to preserve our audiovisual heritage. Part of our work calls for watching thousands of hours of home movies, and as a result, we developed an eye for original footage. Seeing those films going back to dusty shelves seemed like an injustice, and we wanted to give them a new life. The films in our catalogue are hand-picked by us on the basis of our interests and taste. Our team is the sole curator of our selection.

"Pelican project perpetuates our technical expertise in the digitizing field by making unseen footage available to creators."

Maximilien Dumesnil